Welcome to the homepage of InduComp Kft.

InduComp Kft. is a Hungarian enterprise, involved in the design, development and manufacturing of specialized inductive components mainly in toroid technology.

InduComp Kft. was founded in 2002, but today is one of the leading medium-sized enterprise in Hungary. We are supplying our global customer base with passive components from our brand new factory plant in Tata next to the highway between Vienna and Budapest. We are manufacturing toroidal transformers (15 VA – 10000 VA), toroidal chokes and stators, furthermore we are assembling complete devices too in Hungary.

Our partner in Asia, InduComp Dewata was founded in 2007 and based in Indonesia, Bali. We are manufacturing RF transformers, SMD components, mini stators, micro transformers and several other products in Asia. We are managing all business operations via our ERP system both in Hungary and Asia.

Among our priorities we ensure the highest standard of product quality and provide an exceptional forwarding service for our clients.

Product overview: Toroidal transformers according to EN 61558, Safety and isolation transformers with UL and ENEC approval, Toroidal audio transformers, Audio converters, RF transformers, SMT components, Driver transformers, Storage chokes, EMC and EMI chokes, Toroidal chokes, Power transformers, SMT inductors, Baked varnish coils, Inductive sensors and custom stator windings for electric motors.

All our finished goods are subjected to detailed supervision.

We install circuit features (both active and passive) or alternatively, assemble the product parts into finished goods on demand. Mountingplates  are also available according to customer specifications.